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HBDI Assessment
for leaders and their teams


'Incredibly insightful'

'immediate value'

'we're talking colors now and it is making us so much better'

'Game Changer'

'brought my team to the next level'

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The HBDI assessment can be a game-changer as it helps you navigate the dynamic business environment with a simple but highly impactful approach. At Managing Across Borders, we have a barrage of HBDI training experts ready to help you. Whether you are a seasoned executive or an aspiring leader, the need for high performing teams and effective leadership skills cannot be understated. Read on and learn why joining our HBDI assessment for leadership program will be beneficial for you.

Why You Need the HBDI Assessment 

Our HBDI team building will be tailored for your specific challenges and provides you with insights into you and your team members' thinking preferences, enabling you to make more informed decisions and lead with confidence. Leadership Teams draw immediate value out of the session as HBDI equips them with a new language to address both everyday issues and strategical direction. 

We are New York City based, but run HBDI session all over the nation and in various other countries. During the last couple of years we have refined the approach to deliver HBDI also in an all virtual session. This comes in handy if speed is of the essence and an in-person meeting is not feasible. 

About us

In the last 18 years, we have taken over 2,000 individuals (both leaders and experts) and more than 250 teams through our quality HBDI assessment debrief. We are not HBDI salespeople, but we deeply believe in the impact it has on your business. It is very important you understand that HBDI is not limited to, but

  • supports individual's self-awareness and growth

  • dramatically improves team dynamics

  • helps guide organizations through transformational change.


Our HBDI training program is a good suit for you as it is comprehensive, incorporates a multi-dimensional approach and methodology, Global reach, and a Business-centric understanding of transformation. Here are some of the different HBDI assessment programs that we offer:

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1 | HBDI for Individuals

The individual HBDI assessment for leadership in New York City is the starting point. In order to get your HBDI profile you'll need to answer the 120 questions online questionnaire which takes about 20 min to complete.

As part of our 60-minute individual debrief, you will receive access to the Herrmann International Online experience for life, which offers direct access to your profile and the opportunity to dig deeper and learn more about yourself and where to go from here.

Price: $500

Get in touch with Dirk

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2 | HBDI for Teams

This is our most popular product in our HBDI workshop in New York City. Teams love going through our HBDI debriefs and often describe them as 'enlightening', 'fun', and 'insightful'.

HBDI for Teams starts with the individual assessment which every team member has to complete. In a typically 6-hour long session (depending on team size), we make a very interactive introduction to HBDI, debrief all team members together with the group and finally work through the HBDI Team report, which shows the dynamics of the team.

Usually, teams that go through our debrief make the HBDI colors (blue, green, yellow, red) immediately part of their business language. Do you have a strategic thinker disrupting the action planning by continuously throwing in new ideas? HBDI training experts address this without conflict by appreciating the ideas and the person's contribution ('yellow') but ask for their patience until the action plan ('green') is done.

Flat rate depending on group size. (includes all licenses, individual and team reports, and an all-day session (online or in-person). Book a 30-minute session with Dirk (link opens Calendly) to discuss if this is the right action for your team.


What our clients say about us

Dirk and his team helped cure a lingering dysfunction in our leadership team. We were talking too much about each other and not with each other. The HBDI workshop in New York City was instrumental in shaping our communication and awareness of our differences.

- Brian, CEO Food Company

Dirk's HBDI debriefs are legendary. We've been using HBDI throughout our whole business unit and the feedback is always the same: insightful, scarily precise, and highly entertaining while being directly applicable to daily work life.

- Robert, CFO Financial Services

HBDI was instrumental in finding the right strategy for our market and getting the organization on board.

- Catherine, CEO Automotive

It is astonishing when the whole organization knows the HBDI language. We took the decision to take all our 170 employees through HBDI with Dirk and it proved to be a great investment. Both in our people and our business.

- Division Head, Machinery

There are many psychological assessments out there and I went through a few of them in my career. Every report gave me something to work with, but none offers a single truth. That's the same for HBDI. Yet, when I think back, HBDI is the one that stands out. I am still using the colors in my communication and remember the lively and insightful debrief with Dirk. Amazing! 

- Business Unit Lead, Pharma

We've been using HBDI for a few years now and it does not get old. I was waiting for the day when people get tired of using the colors, but that day never came. Instead, it has become part of our culture. We're grateful to have Dirk as our partner who brings in so much energy and meaning to the report through the HBDI workshop in New York City.

- Aaron, CEO Machinery


*selection of past and current clients.

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