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Business-centric understanding of transformation

making sure that it is always about the business.

Multi-dimensional approach and methodology

balancing the business- and the people-perspective.

Focus on participation and engagement

involving all employees to create collective ownership

Global reach and seniority of network partners

building on many years of international experience.


Dirk H Horn


Marcia Teixeira

Dirk is equipped with more than two decades of experience in Corporate Human Resources and several years as senior consultant and Executive Coach. He is an expert on transformation and organizational behavior and is passionate about good project management and successful implementation. Dirk is a respected coach to leaders and teams.


+1 (908) 294-0346

Marcia is a Leadership Development Coach and Change Management/Business Consultant with over 30 years of experience working in corporate organizations. She built and managed cross-functional teams in Brazil, Spanish-speaking Latin America, and the United States. She has managed and coached individuals and teams to become more collaborative, high-performing, capable of meeting their personal and business goals, supporting their organizations to meet results, and become more customer-centric.


+1 (305) 323-3093

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Thomas Ginschel

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